Solo female travel safety: Personal tracker

I have been following several female solo travelers over few years and read trough their posts on daily basis. In every blog is at least one entry about safety. Honestly, that was one of my concerns too and besides tips from more experienced ones, I have started to search for some useful safety gadgets. I am definitely going to get some before my next trip. I already own and use T- shirt with hidden pocket and a portable door stopper, which doesn’t come really handy when you are going to sleep in hostels (but perfect for staying in the room alone).
Those two simple things are my favourite, but I am thinking about some personal trackers for my next trip, which I want to take on motorbike or bicycle, so if anything happens my relatives will know where to find me. Look what I have found until now and let me know if you use any of these!

First, I ve got attracted by the Cuff, a small device in a various jewellery promise to protect you when you feel in danger just press. Fancy jewelry but not exactly what I was looking for. But still a nice idea.


A Little black device inside every jewelry is connected with your phone and your close ones. When in danger, press and Cuff will send message to your relatives.2

But I was actually searching for some GPS locator which will stay with me and send some regular information about my location to for example my parent’s email. Perfect for bike and motorbike solo trips.

This one is must have for next bike season:

Helmer LK 505 is the winner of my long research. Does exactly what I want him to do. Basically is active all the time while with me and sending regularly information about my position into particular phone number (SMS).


Have you ever need/want to use any of these?

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