Bournemouth – my first time abroad. Alone

Back in 2011, I was looking for a place to learn English while having a job with an apartment close to the beach.

Because I have grown up in central Europe without any access to the sea, I wanted to stay close to some. Because of the tough financial situation, and fact, that I am going to pay for language school abroad, I decided to get to the UK, the nearest possible English speaking place. After whole summer working in restaurants in the centre of gorgeous Prague, I had enough savings to study English outside of my country.

Because I am not a fan of big cities, I was looking for a small city in the south (there are almost no rainy days!) and end up in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach

A Little town right on the beach is a vibrant student city mostly during  the summer. There is enough shopping places,sport and clubbing opportunities as well as education and jobs! If you have no special qualification, do not expect any wonderful job opportunities, but you will always find some waitressing, hotel or manual job and earn enough to enjoy your stay.


I have worked in a lovely hotel right on the beach that makes my walks to and from work very enjoyable. The hotel is counting with employing students who are signed in a language school in the city. After the job, I had enough time to get to a class at a time. Part time job salary was enough to cover all expenses including rent, food and fun!

The Hermitage hotel

Only two hours it takes to visit London which I would not enjoy for more than few days. If you are more like me, need the small cozy warm place to stay, pick Bournemouth, or any other city in the south, for example very favourite Brighton.


I have stayed in Bornemouth over 4 months and successfully finished FCE language exam in London. If you are traveling with the goal of learning a language, be careful about going with friends, or your spouse, I have met a lot of people coming together not being able to get into the language:) – because surrounded by their friends speaking the same language.

Places worth visit out of Bournemouth:London, Oxford, Poole, Bath, Isle of Wight, Brighton



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